Moishe Mana’s Mana Tech Merges with Base Miami

Mana Tech names new Managing Director in Base Miami Founder, Charly Esnal.

Apr 12, 2022 · 2 Minute Read

Charly Esnal with Moishe Mana

Mana Tech, a division of Moishe Mana’s Mana Common, announces a merger with Base Miami, a Latin American-focused tech accelerator. Base Miami founder, Charly Esnal, is appointed as the managing director for the technology platform.

We’re thrilled to be joining Mana Tech and to have the opportunity to operate at a whole new scale. We’re not a traditional accelerator, we focus on market entry. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs accelerate and scale their startup in the U.S. with a platform that allows them access to quality resources, collaborative learning as well as a life-changing business community in Miami.

Charly Esnal, Managing Director, Mana Tech

An expert in creating innovative programs that provide solutions for Latin American companies launching in the U.S., Esnal will play a pivotal role in advancing Mana Tech’s mission, facilitating the deployment of resources in support of tech companies. He brings over a decade of experience in international business and technology, having held CEO positions for startups and multinational corporations. Over the course of his career, Esnal has worked with over 100 Latin American tech startups to land and launch in the U.S. successfully.

Nurturing the local technology industry will lead to the development of what this city really needs- more high paying jobs. Our vision aligns perfectly with the work Base Miami has been doing for the last two years— working to make Miami a global technology hub, connecting Latin America to the rest of the world through Miami.

Moishe Mana, Chairman & Founder, Mana Common

The merger comes at a strategic time for both companies as Miami gains international notoriety for its newly burgeoning technology industry. Following the union, the local tech industry will benefit from a physical and digital platform for domestic and international startups to share, collaborate and innovate. The alignment will bring in market entry cohort acceleration, educational series, one-to-one programs and market entry bootcamps tailored to the unique needs of companies coming from abroad. Each component is expertly designed to help incoming companies avoid common pitfalls so they can create new opportunities for growth and expansion.

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