Mana Tech Talks Episode 2: Digibee

The in-depth interview with CEO and Co-Founder, Rodrigo Bernardinelli, gives insight on how an organics marketplace project transformed into a top-tier enterprise integration platform.

Jun 28, 2022 · 2 Minute Read

Mana Tech continues to showcase the businesses and entrepreneurs that make up Miami’s tech industry with its ‘Mana Tech Talks’ series. Episode 2 takes us into the offices of Latin American enterprise integration platform, Digibee. Essentially, this platform was built to help large organizations better connect their systems by bridging that gap between current systems and new technologies.

CEO & Co-Founder, Rodrigo Bernardinelli, opened the conversation by revealing the unique story behind how the company began. Having originally launched in São Paulo, Brazil, Digibee navigated its way into the U.S. market due to the current tech momentum.

We started this company to develop a project for an organics marketplace. To build that marketplace, we wanted to connect several different systems like e-commerce, and ERP, and we needed something in the middle - that something is the [Digibee] platform the way it is right now.

Rodrigo Bernardinelli, CEO & Co-Founder, Digibee

He emphasized that his team built this platform to be utilized on a global scale, in hopes to show other Latin American businesses the upside of bringing their company overseas. Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in Latin American unicorns setting forth efforts to bring their businesses to the U.S., and more specifically, Miami.

We chose Miami because of its people, investors and entrepreneurs, and the diversity of the people. We have become an example for other companies by showing them that it is possible to succeed as a Latin American company in the US and encourage global expansion.

Bernardinelli, CEO & Co-Founder, Digibee

Through the Mana Tech Talks initiative, we will explore many more companies, their stories, and strategies that led them to success.

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