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The Ultimate Guide to Downtown Miami’s Nightlife: Breweries, Bars and More

Find the best spots for every mood, from laid-back breweries to chic cocktail bars and intimate music venues.

Jun 26, 2024 · 3 Minute Read

Downtown Miami Skyline - Nightlife Guide

Downtown Miami’s nightlife offers a diverse tapestry of eclectic bars, chic lounges, and lively breweries, catering to every taste. Whether you’re a craft beer aficionado, a cocktail enthusiast, or seeking to dance the night away, this guide has you covered. Discover both hidden gems and iconic hotspots that define Downtown Miami’s dynamic evening scene.

Biscayne Bay Brewing Co. InteriorBiscayne Bay Brewing Co. Interior

1. Biscayne Bay Brewing 

Located in the historic Old Post Office Building, Biscayne Bay Brewing is a must-visit in Downtown Miami. As the official brewers for the Miami Marlins and Miami Heat, they host exciting watch parties, weekly happy hours, and trivia nights, presenting laid-back evening entertainment. 

Jolene Sound Room Dance FloorJolene Sound Room Dance Floor

2. Jolene Sound Room 

Nestled in the basement of the iconic Art Deco Julia & Henry building on Flagler and 2nd Street, Jolene Sound Room is a one-of-a-kind sound space. Believed to be Al Capone’s former liquor tunnel, this intimate venue draws inspiration from mid-century recording studios and the ’70s leisure lifestyle. Curated by Miami native DJ Ray, it celebrates local music culture, offering a unique nighttime scene. 

Miami Sound Bar Vinyl StandMiami Sound Bar Vinyl Stand

3. Miami Sound Bar 

Miami Sound Bar delivers a special listening experience with its extensive collection of vinyl records played on a high-fidelity system assembled in the UK and customized in Japan. This hotspot is ideal for Hi-Fi enthusiasts and newcomers seeking an alternative to traditional clubs, delivering Tokyo-inspired cocktails and a high-fidelity music experience.

Lost Boy Dry Goods Pool TableLost Boy Dry Goods Pool Table

4. Lost Boy Dry Goods

Situated on Flagler Street, Lost Boy combines the charm of an English pub with the character of a Colorado miner’s saloon. Savor classic cocktails, cold beer on tap, and fresh sandwiches alongside morning footie, afternoon Happy Hours, and a relaxed atmosphere all night at this neighborhood bar.

Over Under Bar StandOver Under Bar Stand

5. Over Under 

Also located on Flagler Street, Over Under is a modern American cocktail bar and kitchen known for its affordable pricing and welcoming atmosphere. Famous for its burgers, fish dip, and frozen palomas, this owner-operated establishment provides a refreshing alternative to upscale venues. With a skilled team of chefs and bartenders, Over Under promises a distinctive dining experience in a thoughtfully designed setting.

Margot Natural Wine BarMargot Natural Wine Bar Stand

6. Margot Natural Wine Bar 

Housed in the historic Ingraham building on Flagler Street, Margot Natural Wine Bar is the latest venture from the Bar Lab team. If you’re in the mood for natural wine, Margot offers a versatile selection, along with low ABV cocktails and a seasonal rotation of eclectic small dishes by Chef Jimmy Lebron. Plus, its spacious indoor setting ensures you stay cool and hydrated during Miami’s summer heat.

MODE InteriorMODE Interior


The new kid on the block in Flagler District, MODE, emerges as a premier nightlife destination blending sophistication with cultural experiences. MODE offers more than just a night out with its meticulously crafted cocktails and atmospheric allure. Featuring a vinyl bar, club ambiance, and a fusion of music, art, and mixology, MODE invites guests to experience Miami’s diverse nightlife in one place.

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