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Renowned Duo ‘Motorefisico’ Returns to Mana Wynwood with ‘Swing’ Installation at the Balloon Museum

The Rome-based artists are back at Mana Wynwood, expanding on their legacy with another impressive installation following their iconic work for III Points.

Jun 26, 2024 · 2 Minute Read

Channel your child side and step into a world of wonder at the Balloon Museum, now on view at Mana Wynwood until October 6, 2024. This interactive exhibition features over the top inflatable artworks and installations from 20 visionary international artists. Among the highlights is the creative duo Motorefisico, composed of Lorenzo Pagliara and Gianmaria Zonfrillo, acclaimed architects and designers from Rome who bring their unique flair back to Mana Wynwood. 

The pair first made their mark on the campus in 2018 with their installations at Miami’s homegrown III Points music festival. Their influence grew even stronger in 2019, with a permanent art piece adorning the west staircase of Mana Wynwood Convention Center, showcasing their iconic geometric compositions.

Motorefisico is back in Miami, this time showcasing their piece “Swing” in the Balloon Museum’s ‘Let’s Fly’ collection. Drawing inspiration from a conical pendulum, this installation features suspended spheres that bounce and spin, creating a lively and interactive play space. Visitors become an integral part of the artwork, with their movements causing the spheres to oscillate and potentially collide, adding an element of spontaneity and excitement.

“Swing” by Motorefisico at the Balloon Museum“Swing” by Motorefisico at the Balloon Museum on view at Mana Wynwood until October 6th.

“Swing” reimagines the bond between viewers and the artwork, transforming it into a shared experience. As guests actively participate, they initiate a collective dance of spheres, exploring the delicate balance of trust, motion, and the joyful unpredictability of human interaction.

Don’t miss the chance to see “Swing” and the other installations at the Balloon Museum. Visit Mana Wynwood this summer and fall and let your imagination soar with visionary creations from artists around the globe.


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