10 Trend-Driven Brands to Shop at Mana Fashion’s Pop-Up Bazaar

With over 80 participating vendors, we’ve highlighted ten ethically sourced and manufactured fashion brands that we highly recommend you check out.

Feb 27, 2023 · 4 Minute Read

Mana Fashion Pop-Up Bazaar flyer

On March 3rd and 4th, Mana Fashion Services presents a two-day premier shopping experience that will showcase a selection of over 80 local small businesses and international brands that prioritize sustainable practices in their production and supply chain.

Fusing scale with curation, attendees will find an assortment of products including clothing, accessories, beauty, and home goods that not only look good but feel good as well.

Here are a few of our favorites that will reinvigorate your experience at Pop Up Bazaar.

  • Valeria Krasavina

    Valeria Krasavina

    Offering everything from clothing to accessories and illustrations, each piece of Valeria Krasavina’s work is one of a kind, hand-crafted, and made to order. With a conceptual bold, yet feminine, energy, her collections are created with the mission of making each individual feel special.




    This brand doesn’t follow any stereotype, age, or cultural norm. GIPCCO enhances your unique style and personality through vibrant colors, textures, and fabrics that boost your essence and natural nitty-gritty. GIPCCO is 100% made in the USA, both handmade and handcrafted with imported materials from all over the world.


  • Fine Frenchie

    Fine Frenchie

    Fine Frenchie’s creative universe is ruled by artist and fashion designer, Valeria Krasavina. Inspired by the quirky personalities of her French Bulldog, Valeria created Fine Frenchie during a hiatus from the fashion industry. An idea that started with a small series of drafts soon blossomed into a full passionate project full of different characters and, of course, lots and lots of pink.


  • ALTA


    From its inception, ALTA’s purpose has been to make high-quality shoes that help elevate the self-confidence of the modern woman through distinctive basic elements of design and craftsmanship: comfort, security, and empowerment.


  • Ana Carolina Valencia

    Ana Carolina Valencia

    Ana Carolina Valencia is a contemporary creative jewelry brand made entirely by hand in Colombia by expert artisans and jewelers. Crafted using the “filigree” technique, all the pieces are created with the highest design value.


  • Camellia Naturals

    Camellia Naturals

    Camellia Naturals is an eco-friendly holistic beauty, cosmetic and personal care brand. Each product is handmade in small batches, using only high-quality organic, vegan, and sustainable ingredients.


  • Mapa The Brand

    Mapa The Brand

    Inspired by the past, the different territories of Colombia, and the surrounding fauna and flora, Mapa is a Colombian beachwear brand designed for women who love the sea, nature, and the resort.


  • Ben & Giules

    Ben & Guiles

    Ben & Giules is an ethical lifestyle brand that offers handmade, artisanal, and sustainable products from apparel and accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, home decor, and more.


  • 23 Eyewear

    23 Eyewear

    Balanced by the asymmetry of the temple tips and spinal cord, 23 Eyewear is a pure and essential genderless style inspired by the natural equilibrium of our perfectly imperfect human body.


  • JOA Diary

    JOA Diary

    Sourced and produced out of Rome, Italy utilizing premium quality natural sapphires and rubies, JOA Diary’s demi-fine handcrafted jewelry pieces are perfect for treating yourself and gifting to others. Not to mention, their packaging is both beautiful and eco-friendly.

Join us at Mana Wynwood this Friday and Saturday from 12-6pm to explore these brands (and many more!) at our second annual Pop-Up Bazaar. Attendance is free when you register in advance.

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